Amazing Health Benefits of White Tea

Sometimes I find it hard to believe, but the fact is that just not everyone likes to drink tea. Some people think its boring, some people think its gross. We’re all entitled to our own opinions so that’s perfectly fine with me. But there are some teas that I think everyone should drink at least every now and then, and white tea is one of those teas. It’s the lightest of all the “true” teas out there(as in, not a tisane or herbal tea) and honestly doesn’t taste a whole lot like the tea you might be used to. When brewed properly, it’s light and refreshing and isn’t bitter or overpowering. It also has the least amount of caffeine so it’s safe for even more people.

But these aren’t the only reasons I think everyone should have white tea from time to time, it has enormous benefits along with it. Here is a compilation of some white tea benefits that you should think about and maybe they will convince you of the healing and preventative powers that tea holds.

The Health Benefits Of White Tea

Packed With Antioxidants

All teas carry antioxidants with them, in fact green tea is almost famous for it, but white tea actually contains even more antioxidants that green tea does. If you aren’t already aware, antioxidants cleanse your body by getting rid of free radicals. Sounds intense, but really all it does is neutralize toxins and other bad stuff that might be in your system. This can be from getting sick, drinking too much or even an infection. The good news is that the more you drink tea, the more they will be held at bay.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Whether you suffer from hypertension(high blood pressure) because it runs in the family, or because of a poor diet(we all cheat!), tea has proven time and time again that it can help lower your blood pressure and actually improves your arteries functionality. Of course, its no replacement for a medication, but it could help reduce the amount of drugs you need to take in order to keep it in check.Amazing Health Benefits of White Tea

Cancer Prevention

Tons of foods claim that they help reduce cancer, whether that is true or not I don’t know. But I do know that certain types of antioxidants, like flavonoids, can keep cancer cells from growing, which could definitely slow down or even prevent cancer under the right circumstances.

Lowers Cholesterol

If you’ve had the cholesterol talk with your doctor, then you know there are two types, good and bad. White tea contains Catechins, yet another type of antioxidant that help reduce the bad cholesterol and replace it with the good kind. And it’s as easy and sipping on a cup of tea everyday. Seems like a fair enough trade to me, what about you? But that’s still not all of the white tea benefits so lets keep going.

Strengthens Bones

Some studies show that people who drink tea have stronger bones, much like how people who drink also have stronger bones. It’s also possible for white tea to help people suffering from arthritis. As far as I know this isn’t linked directly to white tea, but tea in general. I thought I would include it here anyway because it’s still a benefit of white tea. In addition to strengthening your bones, white tea keeps your teeth and gums healthy by killing bacteria and preventing tooth decay. Plus, it won’t stain your teeth like some black teas will.

Natural Antibacterial

No, you can’t clean your counters with it. Well, you could, but it won’t kill any germs that way. However, it WILL kill bacteria if you drink it regularly. The antioxidants in white tea are so strong that they can actually prevent the common cold or flu virus simply by killing it before it happens. Think of it as an all around immune system upgrade.Amazing Health Benefits of White Tea

Clears Up Your Skin

Like green tea, white tea can also help clear up your skin. It both hydrates you from the inside and gets rid of toxins that cause blemishes. When you first start drinking tea regularly, you might start to notice some break outs, but this is just your body pushing out the toxins and getting rid of them. In a week or two it will clear up and stay that way for as long as you continue drinking the tea. Its just a matter of being patient enough for the antioxidants to do their jobs.

So there you have it! A nice long list of white tea benefits that you should definitely think about and consider when you choose your next batch of tea.



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