How to Grow Tangerines in Pots

Tangerines are one of the most popular and delicious citric fruits all over the world, and their specific aroma and exquisite flavor are simply overwhelming.

Despite its impressive taste, the tangerine can offer various health benefits. It boosts the immune system and has potent anti-inflammatory properties, supports the proper function of the lungs, and much more.

Fortunately, now you can cultivate your own tangerines at home, whether in the garden or in flowerpots! In this article, we are going to show you how you can cultivate this wonderful citric fruit and you will realize that it is very easy and economic.

The natural dwarf size of "Dancy" tangerine trees (Citrus reticulata "Dancy") means they grow well in large pots that you can bring indoors on cold nights. Hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 10, pots allow you to grow these evergreen citrus trees in even colder areas. "Dancy" tangerines are known for their deep, red-orange flesh and flowers that offer a pleasant fragrance when you place the pots on a patio. Under proper growing conditions, "Dancy" is a fast-growing tree with a maximum height of about 12 feet.

How to cultivate tangerines


  • Choose a medium sized flowerpot and make sure that it has holes at the bottom that will serve for drainage.
  • Use organic soil and small stones in the bottom to obtain a better drainage. You can also use a little of sand in the ground for a major ventilation.
  • Sow the seeds and cover them very well, without pressing firmly.
  • Put the flowerpot in an area where it can obtain sunlight.

Proper care:

  • You must water the plant when the ground feels dry to an inch deep.
  • Cut the broken or withered branches.
  • Put a little fertilizer rich in magnesium, iron and zinc from time to time.
  • The tangerines must be gathered carefully without damaging them.


Despite a pot's ability to be moved indoors, the pot can be heavy and difficult to move. If you anticipate moving the pot frequently, install roller casters to the bottom of the pot before planting the "Dancy" tangerine. This won't work for ceramic pots, but you can set a ceramic pot on a small dolly with casters before planting.

How to Grow Tangerines in Pots

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