DIY – Summer Outdoor Sofa

Modern style meets DIY cool in this sturdy cedar outdoor sofa! With just some 2x4 boards, you could be seating in style this summer!

DIY - Summer Outdoor Sofa

Cut Your Boards:

Cut all of your boards according to the cut list. A circular saw, chop saw, or compound miter saw is recommended for cutting.

DIY - Summer Outdoor Sofa

Build Seat Frame:

To make the seat part of this sofa, we are basically going to frame up a mini floor. Just attach 5 of the 25-1/2” long 2x4s to 2 of the 72” long 2x4s, spacing about 16” apart. Use 2-1/2” exterior decking screws. This completes the seat frame.

DIY - Summer Outdoor Sofa


Attach arm rests (28-½” long) to legs (25-½” long) with 2-½” exterior decking screws. Build two arms.

DIY - Summer Outdoor Sofa

Arm Middle:

Attach another 25-½” long board to the center of the arm, 14” up from bottom, with 2-½” exterior decking screws.

DIY - Summer Outdoor Sofa

Arm Tie-In:

To finish the arms, add another 25-½” long board underneath the arm middle. We’ll use this board to tie into the seat framing in the next step.

DIY - Summer Outdoor Sofa

Attaching Arms to Seat:

Attach the seat framing to the arms with 2-1/2” exterior screws, through the arm tie-in boards.

DIY – Summer Outdoor Sofa

Seat Slats:

Attach seat slats to seat support frame, with 2-½” exterior decking screws.

DIY – Summer Outdoor Sofa

Back Support:

Attach the final 72” long 2x4 board to the tops of the arms, at the back. This time use a pocket hole jig set for 1-½” thick boards, and 2-½” long pocket hole screws.

DIY – Summer Outdoor Sofa

That’s it! Hard to believe this beautiful outdoor sofa is made from 2x4 boards! Now it’s time to kick back and enjoy your sofa!


Images, plans and project by : Ana White

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  1. Can the outdoor sofa be
    Converted into a loveseat

  2. Having a hard time finding cushions that are 28″ deep for this sofa

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